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Personal Trainer - Testimonial


(Beckenham, London) 

When I first started Timi Training, I was overweight and I knew it.


I've never been ultra slim but at that point I had put on nearly two stone over my baseline weight. I felt heavier and I felt miserable knowing so.


After the first six weeks check in, I had lost weight but more importantly Timi educated me on how to do so safely, with weekly training plans and meal recommendations.


Timi really is amazing. She frequently posts in between exercise videos for her clients and public to view and do. She is very informative, knowledgeable, approachable. In my journey, Timi is not only my trainer but I now see her as a friend.


At the point of writing, I have reached and maintained my target weight within 12 weeks of training. My weight is still decreasing, but I remain healthy and happy with Timi's guidance.


As busy as my week can be, a week isn't complete without a training session with Timi.


Thank you Timi 😁😁


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