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Barbara Letra

Personal Trainer - Lewisham

I am here to share my passion with you. I know sometimes it can be difficult to begin a fitness journey and stay motivated, because I have been there myself.


When I was younger I used to dislike sports and anything active. For many years I was overweight and unhappy. I wanted to change the way I looked and felt. Fitness and living an active and healthy lifestyle was the key.


I now want to take my positive experience and help everyone to achieve their own personal fitness goals.


With my experience, knowledge and passion I am driven to help you succeed in your journey to lose weight, toning or gain muscles.


Every training programme and training session I deliver is specifically design for you and sessions are always fun!


I will provide all the information you’ll need to start, maintain and continue a healthier lifestyle.


I am here to help you.


Lewisham | Canary Wharf | Cutty Sark | Greenwich | Isle of Dogs


The Gym Cutty Sark | Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

HIIT | Circuit Training | Gym Training | Weights Training 

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 3 Certificate Reps Personal Trainer
 - Level 2 Certificate Fitness Instructing

Main Training Expertise​

Body Sculpting | Body-weight Training | Circuit Training | Core Training | Glute Training | Health Management | High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) | Nutrition | Strength Training | Toning | Weight Loss | Weight Gain

The Gym Cutty Sark, Gym Cutty Sark, Gym Greenwich
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