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Ilaria Montesi

Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher Wembley & West London


From Lifestyle and Performance coach my love for health and exercise naturally led me to become a Personal Trainer and yoga teacher. I have a wide vision and approach to health and nutrition after spending years studying and researching Western philosophy, holistic remedies and Ayurvedic methods to heal the self.


I have personally lost 45kg all by myself and I have the best knowledge on this field with a personal story to share and how I overcome my insecurity and fears through training.


Constantly evolving my knowledge on training and dietary advice through years of experience in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on client needs, goals, abilities and anatomy.


I bespoke my plans combining HIIT, boxing, weightlifting and martial arts techniques, along with yoga to reduce stress and allow the body to come naturally into balance.


I love seeing people transform their lives through their commitment to grow and work hard to reach their full potential and go beyond what they thought was a limit.


I work extremely hard in order for my clients to get the full benefit out of their journey, leading them to live a confident and healthier life, and achieve the physique they've always desired.


Wembley | Ealing | Colindale | Hanwell | Hounslow | Acton

Pure Gym Wembley  | Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

Volleyball | Taekwondo | Yoga | Gym Training

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 3 Personal Trainer 

 - Level 2 fitness instructor 

 - Level 2 Nutrition certificate  

 - 500 hrs Registered Yoga Teacher 

 - Gym based boxing 

 - TRX & Kettlebell qualified 

 - First Aid qualified

Main Training Expertise​

Functional & High Intensity Interval Training | Weight Gain & Weight lost | Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition | Strength & Hypertrophy Conditioning | Postural Training | Healthy Lifestyle | Body Toning | Bespoke plan for your natural shape and lifestyle | Body confidence | Body fat reduction | Nutritional guidance/support | Shopping/Cooking advisor | Strength & conditioning | Weight loss

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