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We work with clients globally, please call +44 7514 98 40 98

Joining TimiTraining



Are you an expert in fitness or movement? 

Are you passionate about keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle?

Are you willing & able to deliver a professional and industry leading fitness training service?


If your answer is yes to all 3 please contact us! 



Hanh Tran | TimiTRaining
Hannah Mattock
Joanna Puchala
Silvie Salviano
Daniela Sevcikova | TimiTraining
Sonia Calheiros | TimiTraining
Holly Russo | TimiTraining
Lika Berkun | TimiTraining
Katie-Lee | TimiTraining
Dana Kelly | TimiTraining
Nimo Younis | TimiTraining
Fran Finbow | TimiTraining

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