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Jowita Chanowska

Yoga Teacher - Fulham & Central London

I discovered yoga when I started to explore new ways to further enjoy a busy lifestyle in London.

Yoga immediately benefited me with healing results, both physical & spiritual. 

After several years of practice I finally realised that I wanted to pass on the gift of yoga to others. Now I am a certified vinyasa flow teacher. 

I have always had a very creative background, now I use my creativity

to develop interesting sequences altered to all levels.


Chelsea | Fulham | Putney | Barnes | Richmond | Wimbledon | Central & West London

Private Gym | Home | Outdoor | Work 

Sporting History

Yoga | Gym training | Windsurfing surfing | Tennis | Volleyball

Qualifications & Experiences

  - Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher (200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate RYT-20)

Main Training Expertise​

Body and mind: yoga, relaxation, meditation, recovering from injuries through the practice of yoga, nutrition, building body and muscle strength through the practice of yoga

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