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Personal Trainer - Testimonial


(Primrose Hill, London) 


I was feeling physically underprepared and horrified at the thought of wearing a bikini on my imminent holiday. 


With just eight weeks to go, I started training with Fran twice a week in the hope that she would help whip me into shape.

From the start, her sessions have been fun and varied. She always manages to keep me engaged by introducing something new to the session and I've even found myself looking forward to training - something I honestly never thought I'd say!

I used to go to the gym but got bored of doing the same thing and lost my motivation to go.


She has a naturally friendly and encouraging approach and is always full of helpful tips and advice about food, exercise and how to achieve my own personal goals. Consequently, my fitness levels and body shape have improved incredibly in a short amount of time, leaving me relaxed and happy not only for my holiday but for everyday life.


I honestly can’t recommend her enough!

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