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Personal Trainer - Testimonial


(Bromley, Kent) 


I became a member at YMCA in London as I'd moved jobs and wanted to continue working out. However I knew I needed some motivation to get me going.


So I checked on their website if they had any PTs. 


I knew instantly as soon as I saw Timis picture she would be great! I emailed Timi the same day.


I kept it short and sweet explaining the above. I need motivation to get me back in the swing of things. After arranging a consultation, we met and Timi wasn't stuck up or too pushy when I tried to tell her what I wanted to achieve.


It was all on my terms and when I could get to the gym because of work and she was very accommodating. We then arranged my first session.


Timi emailed me every plan before our five sessions. She also sent me information on food.


Good fats, bad fats, mono saturates, gluten free food. You name it! It was super helpful! My first session pushed me hard! So Timi always keeps her promises! It was HIIT. Very fast paced.


The next session focused on abs, the third was a mix between weights and cardio, the fourth was core and the fifth was TRX.


It is a well-rounded plan which is perfect for me. Training with Timi was fun! She pushed me when I needed to be pushed and let me rest when I needed to.


I can't sing her praises enough. I only wish I had more money to book a session every week for the rest of the year! But what she has given me will last for years to come!


I hope Timi helps others as much as she has helped me!


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