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Michelle Martinez

Personal Trainer - Marble Arch

With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, my mission is to coach clients into a healthy, fit & balanced way of living and achieving long lasting results.

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body that functions optimally. My approach to training and nutrition will deliver results while still enjoying life at the same time.


I coach my clients, not only train them. I help them find their mind and body connection showing them the way to achieving a fit, strong, functional and capable body.


Through my training and coaching sessions I apply a mixture of methods always with my caring philosophy is mind were I will show you how to get in shape and stay in shape.


Marble Arch | Marylebone| Central London

The Gym Way | Private Gym | Home | Outdoor | Work 

Sporting History

HIIT | Circuit Training | Glute Training | Gym Training | Weights Training | Dance

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 3 Reps Personal Trainer
 - Level 2 Fitness Instructor


Main Training Expertise​

Body Sculpting | Body-weight Training | Circuit Training | Core Training | Glute Training | Health Management | High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) | Integrated Strength Training | Nutrition | Strength Training | Toning | Weight Loss | Weight Gain | Weights Training

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