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Natasha Mizina

Pilates Instructor in Paddington & West London

I absolutely loved the method and benefits of staying fit.


After a long & stressful career in an office environment caused posture problems and back pain.


Pilates combatted all these bad habits by teaching my body to assume a well-aligned and strong posture.


My Pilates journey started, approximately 10 years ago. I was so inspired by the methods and results,, I decided to change my office career to teach & encourage Pilates.


Pilates helps me to recharge my batteries, especially in a modern life.

It gives you the ability to feel energized, refreshed and is a fantastic stress relief. Pilates is a wonderful tool for movement and exercise, that teaches to explore and control your own body.


As a Pilates Instructor, I am very intuitive and in tune with people. This strengthens my ability to always deliver bespoke sessions that meets every clients needs.


I love to deliver results in a polite and comfortable way, motivating clients to achieve their goals. Each client is encouraged to apply Pilates principles and bring mind body awareness in their daily life during my classes.


Paddington | Holland Park | Mayfair | Belgravia | Notting Hill | Chiswick | Hammersmith | Westminster


Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

Pilates | Tennis | Yoga | 

Qualifications & Experiences

 - L3 Diploma in Instructing Mat Based Pilates

 - Training in:

  • Pre & Post Natal exercise

  • Pilates for Common orthopaedic conditions

  • STOTT Reformer Pilates

Main Training Expertise​

Pilates | Core strengthening | Balance | Mobility | Toning | Postural Correction 

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