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Natasha Oakley

Personal Trainer

Having spent many years working in a corporate environment, a life changing event made me step back and reassess my priorities.

Whilst fitness had always been very important to be, it did often take a back seat to work, socialising and general faffage. Rarely did I give much time to my overall health.

So in becoming a Personal Trainer I try to make my life, and the lives of the people I train, as healthy as possible, whilst still being fun. Please note: healthy does NOT mean boring!


Everyone should enjoy their sessions – the benefits of a good session are negated if you spend the day before the session worrying and looking for any excuse not to go!

Each training session is tailored to you, your goals and your mood! We can throw in any Barre, MMA or other elements you like, it is all based on what motivates you.


Central London | London Zone 1| London Zone 2

Private Gym | Home | Outdoor | Work 

Sporting History

Fitness Boxing | Gym Training | Weights Training | Mixed Martial Arts (MMMA) | Triathlons | Yoga | 10 kms | SUP – New Interest

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 2 Fitness Instructor
 - Level 3 Personal Trainer 
 - Qualified Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor
 - Barre Fitness Certification
 - Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Instructor Training


Main Training Expertise​

Body Sculpting | Body-weight Training | Boxing Fitness | Circuit Training | Core Training | Health Management | High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) | Integrated Strength Training | Mixed Martial Arts | Nutrition | Strength Training | Toning | Weight Loss | Weight Gain | Weights Training | Yoga | 

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