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Personal Trainer - Testimonial


(Westminster, London) 


I'm not usually a fan of#PostBabyBody posts, but I just HAVE to say how amazing my personal trainer is.


She not only changed my body, but my whole attitude to the gym...


Having danced all my life I thought the weight would just fall right off, but I was wrong. 

I found it hard to get my metabolism back to normal. I felt sluggish, drained from mummy duties and also going back to work 😩.


Once I took the decision to train once a week with Timi for 8 weeks, the transformation was unbelievable... With diet changes and her exercise plans I have never ever felt better! 

This is the result of just 3.5 months training!!!


I couldn't exercise for 10 weeks after baby because of complications and so Timi met me at my lowest and brought me to my highest! 

Thank you Timi for everything!


I couldn't recommend her more.

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