Health Benefits of Pineapple🍍

🍍Pineapples are simply glorious!🍍 . During the early 18th century, wealthy people would rent pineapples and carry them around at parties as a way to show how wealthy they are. Now pineapples are on sale in central London for less than £1. . Here are 10 health benefits of regularly including pineapple in your diet: . 🍍 Aids Digestion 🍍 Boost Immune System 🍍 Combats Cardiovascular Disease 🍍 Helps Combat Cancer 🍍 Helps Mental Health 🍍 High in Fibre 🍍 Improves Fertility 🍍 Reduction in Inflammation 🍍 Strengthens Bones 🍍 Very High in Vitamin C . . *Pineapple is a tenderizer therefore eating too much can result in tenderness of the mouth… As with all fruits, moderation is key. . 🌍 📞 07514 984098 ✉️

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