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Rebecca Button

Personal Trainer in Greenford, Heathrow & West London


My love for fitness started when I was 19. Then I wanted to improve my mental well-being & lose weight. My fitness journey started with running, from the start I knew a career in the fitness industry right for me.


As a child, I practised several martial arts such as judo & Taekwondo. I progressed to Muay Thai when I was 23. My passion has continued... I've used my experience to inspire women by including this disciplines into my training sessions.


I've previously worked with female clients in Saudi, training in female only gyms.

I am also experienced in working with diverse cultures. The process of helping clients achieve their fitness goals it's so rewarding. 

My main training speciality is body transformation for those who really want to change there mindset and push there bodies to the best shape they can possibly be. I love learning what motivates people to enjoy there training sessions...

All my training sessions are bespoke and specifically designed to progress each client, based on their experience, goals and timescale.

My knowledge of the fitness industry is always up to date. I monitor new training methods, nutrition and am regularly researching how to improve my knowledge & skills.

I always achieve results, but most importantly all training sessions are fun!


Greenford | Heathrow | Rusilip | Ealing | Notting Hill | West London

Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

Muay Thai | Weights Training | Functional Training | Yoga | BJJ | Judo | Taekwondo

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 3 Personal Training & Fitness Instructor

 - Level 3 Pilates Instructor

 - Pre & Post Natal

 - Muay Thai coach for Adults & Kids
 - Yoga classes
 - HIIT training

Main Training Expertise​

Weights Training | High Intensity Training | Pre & Post Natal | Weight Gain |

Weight loss | Strength Conditioning | Sports Specific Training | Healthy Lifestyle |

Body Shaping | Lifestyle Coach | Body fat reduction | Nutritional Guidance/Support | Shopping/Cooking Advice

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