Robert Norville

Personal Trainer Battersea, Wimbledon & South London

Fitness is a part of my DNA, a love that will forever burn strongly within.


Through illness and injury I have always fought back with exercise back to peak fitness. I will use my own experiences to motivate and push clients to achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle..


My sessions are athletics fitness based and work on correct technique, strength and endurance. I will look at your gait and biomechanics and use functional training to make necessary corrections needed to improve your performance and lifestyle. I will provide you with fitness and nutritional plans and programmes that will work side by side for maximum benefit.


Helping people achieve things not even they believed was possible is all the motivation I need to get up and train with you. I never believed those who said I couldn’t do and I will make you believe that you can do it and improve your lifestyle.


Battersea Park | Croydon | Crystal Palace | South London | Wimbledon | Streatham | Brixton

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Sporting History

Athletics | Basketball | 800m | 1500m | 5k | Half Marathon

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

 - Level 2 Athletics Coach

 - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

 - Extreme Kettle Bell Instructor

Main Training Expertise​

Athletics Track & Field | Running Technique | Gait Correction | Core Training | Circuit Training | High Intensity Interval Training | Kettle Bells Training | Strength & Endurance | 5k | Marathon Training | TRX Training | Weight Loss | Muscle Tone | Water Athletics

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