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Personal Trainer - Testimonial


(Richmond, London) 


I found Timi through a review website whilst searching for a personal trainer. 


I was fed up of paying hard earned money for trainers that don't push you to achieve your best results, after all that's why you engage their help in the first place.  


I am so glad I picked Timi out of all the Trainers I read about as she was exactly what I was looking for. 


First we met to discuss my goals and immediately I felt she listened.  We talked about my lifestyle and she offered good advice on how to make small but significant improvements. She gave me a realistic account of what I could achieve based on the effort I could commit too.


Timi's training plans are creative and varied, they are also hard work but that's what I want, to be pushed to my best ability!  She also checks in regularly to ensure you are on track. 


I highly recommend Timi, she is a great trainer and is very passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals.

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