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Vilma Bugiene

Pilates Instructor – Central & East London

I’m an ex-professional Dancer and since childhood I have been doing various sports. Such as basketball, ice skating, volleyball, swimming and many others.


I happy that I tried Pilates, I’ve loved it since the first lesson. Pilates was the best thing for my body.


I no longer have any pains in my back or my legs, plus I keep myself active and fit as I used to be.


Pilates also drastically improved my posture and allowed me to start playing

sports again with improved performance. I am glad I found Pilates because it is a sustainable way of living and anyone can start from early childhood to deeply old age. I’ve been practicing Pilates for 7 years, and I primarily teach Pilates, because I really believe


in it, and because the more I teach it the more I love it. It has so many benefits! Also as a Group Exercise Instructor I can offer quit intensive sessions as an addition for clients who would benefit from introducing a little cardio and higher intensity alongside Pilates sessions.


This could be as part of a weight management program, to work on energy levels, or to work on specific areas. Each session will be tailored to your ability & goal, plus all sessions are fun and motivating!


Central London | East London | Canary Wharf | Shoreditch | Kensington | Knightsbridge | Mayfair | Victoria | Chealsea


Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

Dance at Pro Level (trained in hip-hop, house, jazz, contemporary, street , show dance ) | Pilates | Gym & Resistance Training | Kickboxing | Swimming | Volleyball | Basketball | Ice skating | Body balance | HIIT | TBC | Circuit | Aerobics | Core Stability | Reformer Pilates | Yoga

Qualifications & Experiences

  - Sports Bachelor Degree (Public Health & Public Physical activity)

  - Pilates Essential, Intermediate, Advance Mat work specialist (Future Fit– YMCA, Level 3)

  - Pre & Post Natal exercise

  - Reformer Pilates

  - Level 2 Exercise to Music

  - Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  - Les Mils- Body Balance
  - First Aid 

  - Nutrition


Interests for continued development and future qualifications:
 - Advanced Pilates Matwork
 - Pre and Post Natal Pilates
 - Injury Rehabilitation and Back Pain Management
 - Pilates Reformer

Main Training Expertise​

Pilates | Core Strengthening | Toning | Body Sculpting | Mobility | Postural alignment and Postural correction | Body Awareness | Body Confidence | Confidence Building | Weight Management | Pre & Post Natal exercise

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