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Tisha Binot

Pilates Instructor & PT – SW London & Central London

I’m an ex-professional Dancer who naturally progressed into fitness. I first got into it for my own weight management and conditioning.


What I love is the after feeling; I love the body confidence training regularly gives me and the general confidence that goes with it. That’s why I personally train most days.

And that’s what I hope to give my clients. I want to help them get fit, get healthy, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, sculpt the body they want, but also build body confidence and the general confidence that goes with it. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a highly achieving professional, confidence is a precious tool in every aspect of life.

I’ve been practicing Pilates for 14 years, and I primarily teach Pilates, because I really believe in it, and because the more I teach it the more I love it. It has so many benefits! But I also offer PT sessions as an addition for clients who would benefit from introducing a little cardio and higher intensity alongside Pilates sessions. This could be as part of a weight management program, to work on energy levels, or to grow muscle mass in specific areas.

Weight management and nutrition advice is also something I offer as part of programs. Being a dancer I had my own struggles with body image and weight management, and I’ve accrued a wealth of knowledge and life experience. Weight management is finding a healthy weight and maintaining it, and getting there should not make you miserable or unwell, nor should it leave you hungry all the time!

I am also passionate about helping people who suffer from back pain or who are recovering from injuries as I myself had a lot of injuries as a dancer. I would be happy to coordinate your program with your Physiotherapist or Doctor.


Putney | Wimbledon | Wandsworth | Fulham | Kensington | Knightsbridge | Richmond | Mayfair | Victoria | Westminster


Private gym | Home | Outdoor | Work

Sporting History

Dance at Pro Level (trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, street, walking, locking and popping) | Pilates | Gym and Resistance training | Kickboxing / MMA | Swimming 

Qualifications & Experiences

 - Pilates Essential and Intermediate Matwork (STOTT – YMCA, level 3)
 - OCR Level 2 Exercise to Music
 - St John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid 


Interests for continued development and future qualifications:
 - Advanced Pilates Matwork
 - Pre and Post Natal Pilates
 - Injury Rehabilitation and Back Pain Management
 - Pilates Reformer

Main Training Expertise​

Pilates | Core Strengthening | Toning | Body Sculpting | Mobility | Postural alignment and Postural correction | Body Awareness | Body Confidence | Confidence Building | Weight Management

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