Shirin (Angel, Islington) 

"...I've worked with many personal trainers and Timi is one the best..."


Cecilia (St. John's Woods) 

"...Timi is a knowledgeable, passionate and friendly coach..."

Nishi (Enfield, London) 

"...Timi is the best Personal Trainer anyone can ever find..."

Michelle (Fitzrovia, London) 

"...this is the first time I have really noticed results..."


Juliette (St. John's Woods) 

"...Timi is enthusiastic, supportive and makes the training very fun!"


Barney (Enfied, London) 

"...I have dropped 25 Kgs, lost 4 inches off my waist..."


MC (Pimlico, London) 

"...Timi has succeeded where nobody else has... I highly recommend...! "


Dan & Jan (St. John's Woods) 

"...Her sessions are carefully constructed to suit each individual ."


Lisa (Fitzrovia, London) 

"...a great personal trainer, and I strongly recommend her to everyone!"


Tina (Richmond, London) 

"I highly recommend Timi, she is a great trainer..."

Sara  (King's Cross, London) 

"...Timi will lead you every step of the way..."


Emily (Bethnal Green, London) 

"...I feel supported even on the days when I'm not seeing her..."


Sammy (Regent's Park, London) 

"...amazing eye for how each individual should be trained..."


Marianne (Bromley, Kent) 

"...I hope Timi has helped others as much as she's helped me..."


Magdalena (Brixton, London) 

"...looking for motivation & someone to really push you..."


Kris (Bethnal Green, London) 

"is not only an amazing personal trainer, but now a good friend!"


Sophia (Purley, London) 

" very supportive, professional and has a friendly..."


Joanna (Mayfair, London) 

"Timi is a great PT!... I highly recommend Timi!..."


Anastasia (Russell Sq, London) 

"Sessions with Timi are fantastic the tailormade..."


Parys (Vauxhall, London) 

"Within one month of training with Timi I could already see and feel results..."

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