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8 ways to succeed as a Personal Trainer

1) Communication, communication, COMMUNICATION. 2) Always prioritise your clients above everything else. So many PTs fall into the habit of updating social media, liking everything everyone has posted but forget to reach out to clients actually waiting for their response… 3) Organisation and paperwork is absolutely critical. Neglect it and you should expect everyone to come knocking. This includes the tax man. 4) Continue to expand your knowledge. We all know PTs that has completed a 6 weeks course and then immediately walks around like they are gods in the gym… 5) Focus on the quality of service and not how much you can earn. There are some PTs who charge over £100 per session, but they’d fail to type an email or training plan for their clients. 6) Give your clients homework, this will increase the chances of them achieving their fitness goal, in a less time and it could save them money. 7) If you’re the busiest PT in your gym, focus on improving what you do. Your competition are learning, watching and waiting… the second you start to operate like them - they’ll raise their game and leave you behind. 8) Value every client and treat them all like they’re your first… There are so many PTs who are more interested in promoting their brand, logo or supplements they sell. Client’s requirements never feature. There is no quick or easy route to PT success, even doing every fitness course won’t guarantee success. Less than 10% of qualified Personal Trainers actually work in the fitness industry. The majority that do work in fitness do so as instructors or class leaders for a gyms or studios. At TimiTraining we have a process which will attract good and reliable clients. Plus we have a set of tools and structure that guarantees all willing clients achieve their fitness goals. If you are a qualified fitness professional and you are passionate about helping others to achieve their goals, contact us today and take your first step towards a successful fitness career with TimiTraining.

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