Our individual journeys to success are probably the most fraught paths we are ever likely to take. . While we are struggling, it seems everyone is there to understand and support. During these moments most of our peers offer supporting words like…: . “hang in there, you’ll do it” “keep on going” “it’ll be worth it in the end” . . These words of support do provide a glimmer of hope. The reality is many who offer this, do so because it also helps them to feel better about themselves and can be a welcomed distraction from their own struggles to succeed. . This suggestion is repeatedly proven to be correct, because when we do start to succeed. These previous protagonist’s responses are…: . “you’re always working towards your goal” “you have no time for yourself now” “you’ve changed” “do you really need to earn that much” “you’re now too thing” “you’re now too muscly” “I never get to see you” “that’s way too much travelling, a strain or hard work” . . These sentiments are not supportive; these words are mostly motivated by envy. . Similarly @thisisbillgates has been an amazing success, plus he now uses his resources to better the lives of millions of people. If he walked down your street today, not many people world approach him to say well done, you’ve been a benefit to humanity. . Alternatively @google helps billions of people to find what they want online, yet no one has ever called or emailed Google to say thank you. Yet everyone complains when something goes wrong. . Our individual goals are our own. We endure the struggles to achieve them and ultimately. We benefit from the rewards we’ve worked hard to achieve... . . If you are starting or struggling with the journey to achieve your fitness goal… Trust TimiTraining® we know what is required to start, achieve and maintain your goal. We also know how rewarding living a healthier & fitter lifestyle is. . This is why all our trainers are so inspiring and motivating. This helps us to keep every training session is fun! . . #success #motivation #fitnessmotivation#thisisbillgates #google #fitnessjourney#health #fitness #abs #glutes #getfit#weightloss #selfcare #body #2019#timitraining @timitraining

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