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5 fantastic Personal Trainer traits

1) Must be passionate about health & fitness. - 2) The best PTs educate their clients. Therefore if you’ve been doing the same routine with your PT for the past 3 years, something is wrong. - 3) Honesty & Integrity – you know how many cheat meals or glasses of wine you’re allowed. If your PT is ok with your food and alcohol intake slipping, this is a sign that they’re only interested in getting paid. - 4) Communication is absolutely critical. The best PTs are often very strong communicators. This is verbal, written, reading body language and the ability to empathise. - 5) Results focused and driven training is the best way to achieve client’s fitness goals. May PTs settle for a before & after photo. At TimiTraining we record key body measurements every 6-10 weeks. A photo may say 1,000 words, but at TimiTraining our numbers never lie. - Contact TimiTraining today: 07514 984098 |

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