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7 instant Personal Trainer fails

1) Not operating like a professional. If you’re always late, on your phone or uninterested your clients will mirror your attitude. 2) Poor people skills, because training sessions should be fun. 3) Poor business skills. Many PTs will pay for a logo, website and an online shop. But they have no customers because their website appears on page 9 of Google search results. 4) Not enough clients. At TimiTraining we’ve reached out to many PTs in an attempt to build a working partnership. Over 95% of PTs who decline our invitation stop working as a PT within the 6 -12 months. 5) Giving up, many of the most talented fitness professional fail to make it fulltime. Normally this is due to circumstances or other commitments. 6) Following poor advice. If you are the busiest trainer in your gym, the last person you should take commercial advice from is a trainer that has less than half your client base. 7) Always remember your route to success and the people that helped you to achieve your goal. “Never forget the people that helped you to success…, because you may need their help to stop your fall.” | 07514 984098 |

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