Coconut Oil False Health Benefits

Coconut Oil health benefits have been proven to be a big fat lie!

It can be very difficult to know who’s recommendations to believe, but on this occasion almost all the scientist conclude there is little or no evidence to support any of the suggest health benefits claims.

The British Dietetic Association has confirmed Coconut oil is on average approximately 92% saturated fat. This is actually more than lard or butter.

Public health officials have again reiterated that trans-fats in coconut oil are classed as the least healthy. This is because the chemical transformation makes them hard for our bodies to process.

Not only aren’t the claims about weight loss and cholesterol untrue, a 2016 publication in the British Nutrition Foundation has confirmed that there is simply not enough evidence for any health claims of coconut oil.

Please also note, the safest way to dispose coconut oil is in the bin. This is because it potentially could your drains…

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